Press-welded gratings for balustrades and fencing

Press-welded gratings for fencing or solid balustrades are manufactured from galvanised steel, with a powder-coated finish to RAL standard if required. They are quick to assemble and offer good resistance. Whether in stadiums, factories, airports or by private individuals, press-welded gratings for fencing are used in a variety of different contexts.


Manufacturing principle

Asssembly principle

Custom manufacture

Depending on the layout and dimensions you require, several different meshes and cross-sections can be manufactured. For use as a balustrade, the NF P01-012 (paragraph 2.3.2) standard imposes a maximum horizontal gap in the mesh of 50mm). (Please give details when ordering).

We can also manufacture posts made from square or flat tubing sealed directly or with prepierced connectors exclusively for fencing (No swing bag test has been carried out.).

Center distances / gauges

Most common centre distances :

  • BB gauge: 33.33 mm - 44.44 mm - 55.55 mm - 66.66 mm in 25 / 2.

  • TB gauge: 33.33 mm - 44.44 mm - 55.55 mm - 66.66 mm - 99.99 mm in 25 / 2.

Please ask us if you have any specific requests.



The mesh spacing is defined in accordance with the standards and loads that must be respected:

  • Standard meshes: 30x30, 30x44, etc...
  • Standard security meshes: 19x19, 19x40, 30x19, etc...
  • EDF mesh: 30x27.
  • Other options are available on request.

Bearer bar

  • Standard height: 25-60 mm.
  • Standard thickness: 2-5 mm.
  • Other options are available on request.

Cross bar

  • Twisted square: 4-6 mm.
  • Smooth rounded configuration available on request.


  • Maximum length of bearer bars: 6100 mm..
  • Maximum length of twisted squares:   1000 mm, or greater on request.


  • S235JR steel as per EN 10025 standards.
  • This product may be ordered in stainless steel depending on the quantities required.
  • Other options are available on request.

Surface treatment

  • Galvanised in accordance with EN ISO 1461 standards.
  • Lacquered in accordance with standard RAL.
  • Bituminous paint.
  • Other options are available on request.


  • The bearer bar may be notched on request.

Finished product

  • Custom manufacture based on the dimensions given by the customer or on plans drawn up by our research department.
  • Plain or galvanised ½ laps, panels and staircase steps can be easily assembled on site.


Press-welded grating is obtained by electrical welded transverse bars, which are usually square and twisted (but can be round and straight) into the bearing bars. The grating is produced with “flat” banding, and then optionally undergoes hot-dip galvanizing in accordance with the applicable EN ISO 1461 standards. For an optimised anti-slip surface, it is possible to produce serrated press-welded grating, with serration on the bearing bars only. It is typically manufactured from EN 10025 standard S235JR steel which ensures a consistent production quality. RAL-GZ 638 manufacturing tolerances applied.


Step 1 :

Put in place the transverse bars and the bearing bars for electrowelding

Assemblage caillebotis

Step 2 :


Assemblage caillebotis


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