Full gratings for industrial floors and floorings

Full gratings are recommended for areas subjected to intensive use such as industrial floors and floorings, as they offer excellent load-bearing capabilities. Full gratings may be powder-coated if required. In addition, the equal height of their insert and bearer bars helps to reduce the sensation of a gap below.


Finishes available

  • Untreated steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Powder-coated

Custom manufacture

JK Technic can manufacture made-to-measure full gratings to meet your requirements (layout, size, etc.). Various heights and thicknesses of bearer bars are available on request. 

Our research department is available to handle your technical requirements, and can advise you on issues up to and including the realisation of your orders.

Gratings for solid balustrades are also available in press-welded, press-locked, stainless steel, aluminium and fiberglass.



The mesh spacing is defined in accordance with the standards and loads that must be respected:

  • BB thickness of 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm
  • The BB spacing is typically a multiple of 11.
  • The IB spacing is typically a multiple of 11.1.

Bearer bars and cross-bars

  • Standard heights: 20-140 mm.
  • Standard thickness: 2-9 mm.


  • Maximum length of bearer bars: 4000 mm.
  • Maximum length of spacers: 2000 mm.

Surface treatment

  • Galvanised in accordance with EN ISO 1461 standards.
  • This product may be ordered in 304 & 316 stainless steel
  • This product may be ordered in aluminium.


  • Available with "flat" edge or without edges
  • Available with single or double notching on request.
  • HALF-MOON or SAWTOOTH notching available.

Finished product

  • Custom manufacture based on the dimensions given by the customer or on plans drawn up by our research department.
  • Plain or galvanised ½ laps, panels and staircase steps can be easily assembled on site.


JK Technic press-locked grating is characterized by transverse, cross bars inserted under high pressure into pre-existing notches in the bearing bars. This grating is produced in “flat” or “T”-shaped sections, welded into place and then optionally undergoes hot-dip galvanizing in accordance with the applicable EN ISO 1461 standards. For situations with an increased risk of slipping, anti-slip grating can be produced, where the upper surface of the bearing bars and/or the transverse bars can be given anti-slip serrations. JK Technic press-locked grating is typically manufactured from EN 10025 standard S235JR steel, which ensures a consistent production quality. RAL-GZ 638 manufacturing tolerances applied.


Step 1 :

BBs and TBs fixed in place

Assemblage caillebotis

Step 2 :


Assemblage caillebotis

Step 3 :

Application of banding bars

Assemblage caillebotis


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