FRP gratings for industrial floors and flooring

FRP gratings for industrial floors and floorings are used in a wide variety of sectors. From the food and pharmaceuticals industries to car and aircraft manufacturers and other sectors besides, JK-Fib fiberglass gratings are the solution to all your needs.


The benefits of FRP gratings for industrials floors and floorings:

  • Ease of use: FRP gratings can be cut to size on-site (bandsaw, chainsaw, etc.)
  • Light weight makes them easy to handle.
  • Load-bearing both ways up,
  • Highly resistant to corrosion, weather and UV radiation,
  • Safety: concave or siliceous non-skid R13 for added stability,
  • Quick assembly with specific retaining fasteners available from stock,
  • Custom and stock gratings available at very short notice. 

Custom manufacture

JK Technic can manufacture made-to-measure FRP gratings to meet your requirements (layout, size, etc.).

Our research department is available to handle your technical requirements, and can advise you on issues up to and including the realisation of your orders.


Mesh centre distances

JK Technic has a range of FRP gratings with different mesh types on offer:

  • 38 x 38 - 26 x 26 - 50 x 50 - etc...
  • Security bars: 19 x 19.

Bearing bars

  • Standard dimensions: 30 / 7; 38 / 7 and 50 / 7 mm.

Standard panel dimensions

  • 1000 x 2026 mm.
  • 1000 x 3055 mm.
  • 1220 x 3055 mm.

Standard dimensions stair treads with gritted front edge

  • 800 x 275 mm.
  • 1000 x 275 mm.
  • 1000 x 350 mm.


  • Concave.
  • Grit.
  • Entirely grit-covered surface.

Finished products

  • We stock mats, stair treads and stair rails which are easy to assemble on site.
  • Custom manufacture possible based on the dimensions and/or plans supplied by the customer.


Moulded FRP grating is manufactured from fibreglass-reinforced resin. It is composed of 65% resin for its chemical and UV resistance and is composed of 35% fibreglass for increased mechanical strength. JK Technic has 3 types of resin on offer with different degrees of resistance to chemical corrosion.


Isophthalic resin : Fire-resistant and corrosion and chemical-resistant

Résine isophtalique

RAL 7035

Résine isophtalique

RAL 1001

Résine orthophtalique

RAL 7012

Résine orthophtalique

RAL 6010

Vinylester resin with extremely high chemical resistance (high concentrations).

Résine vinylester

RAL 2002



Orthophthalic resin​ with resistance to a wide range of chemicals.



JK technic also offers a range of accessories and special fastening systems for FRP gratings :

Assemblage caillebotis

316 stainless steel clamp with 19 x 19 mesh washer. In stock.

Assemblage caillebotis

316 stainless steel clamp with 30 x 30 mesh pin. In stock.

Assemblage caillebotis

316 stainless steel stair support for 30 x 30 and 19 x 19 mesh. In stock.

Assemblage caillebotis

Adjustable foot.
Dimensions of insert: 35 x 35 mm.
Thickness of insert: 20 mm.
Height of foot: 40 or 70 mm.
In stock.

Assemblage caillebotis

FRP support bracket
Standard length: 3,000 mm.
Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 5 mm
and 50 x 50 x 6.35 mm.
Can be cut to size.
In stock.


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