Full gratings

JK Technic full gratings can be used for visual ensembles with an identical appearance on both sides of the panel (the cross-bars are of the same dimensions as the bearer bars).

They are mainly used for filling balustrades and making sun-breaker and privacy screens.



The mesh spacing is defined in accordance with the standards and loads that must be respected:

  • BB thickness of 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm
  • The BB spacing is typically a multiple of 11.
  • The IB spacing is typically a multiple of 11.1.

Bearer bars and cross-bars

  • Standard heights: 20-140 mm.
  • Standard thickness: 2-9 mm.


  • Maximum length of bearer bars: 4000 mm.
  • Maximum length of spacers: 2000 mm.

Surface treatment

  • Galvanised in accordance with EN ISO 1461 standards.
  • This product may be ordered in 304 & 316 stainless steel
  • This product may be ordered in aluminium.


  • Available with "flat" edge or without edges
  • Available with single or double notching on request.
  • HALF-MOON or SAWTOOTH notching available.

Finished product

  • Custom manufacture based on the dimensions given by the customer or on plans drawn up by our research department.
  • Plain or galvanised ½ laps, panels and staircase steps can be easily assembled on site.


JK Technic press-locked grating is characterized by transverse, cross bars inserted under high pressure into pre-existing notches in the bearing bars. This grating is produced in “flat” or “T”-shaped sections, welded into place and then optionally undergoes hot-dip galvanizing in accordance with the applicable EN ISO 1461 standards. For situations with an increased risk of slipping, anti-slip grating can be produced, where the upper surface of the bearing bars and/or the transverse bars can be given anti-slip serrations. JK Technic press-locked grating is typically manufactured from EN 10025 standard S235JR steel, which ensures a consistent production quality. RAL-GZ 638 manufacturing tolerances applied.


Step 1 :

BBs and TBs fixed in place

Assemblage caillebotis

Step 2 :


Assemblage caillebotis

Step 3 :

Application of banding bars

Assemblage caillebotis

Areas of application


  • Solar shadings
  • Privacy screens
  • Decoration
  • False ceilings
  • Balustrades (architecture)
  • Balustrades (industry)
  • Floorings
  • Water jet cut

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