We have been based in Sarreguemines since 1996 and manufacture and realise all your requirements for pressed, electroforged, steel, stainless steel, aluminium and polyester gratings, security grills and spiral staircases.

JK Technic has seen extensive development since it was founded, and is currently a major name in the gratings sector, with over 10,000 clients throughout Europe.

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Working in close collaboration with our research and development department, which can advise you on any of your technical queries, our office and field sales team can answer any pricing requests you may have. When an order is placed, the research and development department projects whether a layout plan is required (grating distribution) based on the metal framework diagram supplied by the client.


Our high-quality production lines mean we can manufacture our products in accordance with European standards, with manufacturing tolerances meeting standards RAL GZ 638 for gratings and RAL GZ 639 for security grilles. Our galvanisation also meets applicable European standards (EN ISO 1461).


We have the largest stock of materials in Europe (over 100,000 m² of signs, ½ laps, laps and steps available) to ensure that even your most urgent needs can be met. Our EXPRESS service means that products in stock can be shipped the same day for all orders placed before 10:00.

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JK Technic realizes all your projects : press-locked gratings, press-welded gratings, steps, in steel, stainless steel, aluminium, FRP-gratings, security grids, spiral staircases.
Gratings JK Technic, partner in your success.

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JK Technic

Parc Industriel Sud - ZI Edison
Rue Abbé Louis Verdet
57200 Sarreguemines

PHONE. 03 87 98 88 76
FAX. 03 87 98 82 87
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